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Old barn
Great grand-daughter of President McKinley
Solemn pose.

Recognizing artistic value requires going beyond the surface, embracing the emotional and conceptual layers an artwork unveils. It involves appreciating the artist’s unique language, whether conveyed through brushstrokes, musical notes, or sculpture details. 

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“Our extraordinary artists create magic.”

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aj simsy

With who knows what in hand or mind, Aj Simsy turns his visions and ideas into different strokes of art.

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Hani Hara

With a paintbrush in hand and a heart full of whimsy, Hani turns his visions into delightful strokes of art.

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Would you like to showcase your artistic talents on our site? There is so much to share and enjoy. [above, Arrow A, my nephew’s 3rd grade artwork.]

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Original art possesses an authenticity that cannot be replicated, making it a genuine expression of the creator’s identity. reflecting the diversity and evolution of humanity.


The value of original music lies not just in its entertainment but in its ability to capture the essence of the human experience and contribute to the cultural heritage of society.


Original books contribute to the diversity of literature, fostering a rich tapestry of ideas and perspectives that shape our artistic landscape


Posters, Ad Concepts, Medical Office Art, and other items we think are clever. Do you have any ideas you want to create or enhance? Let us know.

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Dental Plaque Certificate Award-ajsimsy
UPS Ad Concept Spec
Badillo Cup Hippie 1
side B

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